CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

Online Classes for CFA FRM BAT MATLAB

Free Online Course on CFA FRM BAT MATLAB by Shivgan Joshi


BLOGCFAPosted by shivgan Thu, September 13, 2012 10:14:44

decide a frm topic for the day and read it online,

get it listed on docs or calender

taret date for getting desp

17 sep ca, QB, Video, old pappers, pristine each 30 hrs, total 150

when light goes study from book when laptop do QB

tikone videos and

classes 3 hrs daily for frm 2 hrs daily for SAS weekend for moeny entrepre weekends 2*5*2 uds per weekend CRT cancel get the monitor from pravar,

talk to rohit vol smile index,

index of exotic options Strategy for learning and exam: You need practice 1 hour daily on system

Divide and set your targets

Collect all doubts in a doc file Sas data code available online: resume updates Include grey cells, and use marks in

PGDF course include spez in pg chcek out the 1 page thing and use it teaching skills should be focused and so should be the research skills register parag use website


valuation of cds

get desktop from noida with old crt

send new to home take common topics of cfa for

10 min vpre: portfolio, PE (AI), LBO, fi common elements, Hedge fund (AI), pension fund, from fi cfa l2: cdo, securitization, copula and evt take it to next level Monte carlo high level valuation of MBS is live heavens (has monte carlo) use green lively colour in resume conclusion

GMAT is more imp than SAS, which means that u can start classes u got wrong the EL and UEL in frm 1, cannot affort that again cds / securitization have quite complex maths which is more fun not seen in any equity credit risk of frm not quantitative enough,

u need fin engg phd atleast

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