CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

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Free Online Course on CFA FRM BAT MATLAB by Shivgan Joshi


BLOGCFAPosted by shivgan Thu, September 06, 2012 14:08:26

Volatility Correlation are the things that we require in Index qaunt
How is this different from portfolio in the term that short derivatives currency and fundamental metrics are not there
VBA commands on open sheets, VLOOKup, copying data from other sheets
Applications on r include regression volatility implied Merton black scholes ..
Bringing data by linking sql and data management
Dynamic index management like that for algo trading
CFA all knowledge asset class is Important
Future is index of cds mbs etc
Interest rate swap index

Propreity trading at these banks is hot: Propriety trading banks: Goldman (the best) JP Morgan Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse Citigroup Barkley Black rock Working for any other doesnt make any sense.

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