CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

CFA FRM BAT Modeling Free Online Classes Course

Online Classes for CFA FRM BAT MATLAB

Free Online Course on CFA FRM BAT MATLAB by Shivgan Joshi

Schedule & Pricing

BLOGCFAPosted by shivgan Wed, September 05, 2012 07:29:13
Weekends: 2 hours each in 4 session on 10-12, 1-3, 4-6, 7-9.

Similiar 8 hours engagements on holidays.
Target of 8 sessions on weekends.
Delay SAS exam.

Embedded cost for taking the session is 3k + 1k = 4k per month.
Class price to be: 5 USD per session for 8 sessions = 40 USD for 1 weekend if single registration for all session.

Class scheduled for the next 2 months for people to plan the sesison.

Alternatively 10 min videos for all sessions can be another option.

Add to that doing nothing can be one option.

Weekday classes from Monday onwards 10-11 PM. 11:10-12:10 PM.

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